David Baranes

SpecialityDMD, Israel

Dr. Baranès David was born in 1962 and graduated from the
Doctorate program in Dental Surgery at the University of
Paris 7 in 1987, then completed a C.E.S biomaterials applied
to dentistry, before obtaining a C.E.S in Periodontology at the
University of Paris 7.
In 1989 Dr. Baranes successfully completed a post-graduate
course in implantology (A.U.I) at the PARIS 7 Faculty.
Since 1991 Dr. Baranes has been working exclusively in
periodontal and basal implantology in Jerusalem and Natanya.
In 2013 Dr. Baranes obtained his Fellowship status and
his DIPLOMAT status in 2015 with the INTERNATIONAL
As an international lecturer, Dr. Baranes specializes and
teaches the clinical use of cements for bone regeneration.

• E S of Periodontology Paris 7
• D U of Implantology Paris 7
• Basal Implantology
• Fellowship ICOI
• Diplomat ICOI

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