Key points about Augma Shield™

  • Augma Shield™ is a resorbable intraoral wound dressing that attaches to the gum. When sutured on top of the bone graft cement, Augma Shield™ provides an ultimate coverage until soft tissue closes and healing begins.
  • Augma Shield™ was tested as graft protection above Augma Bone Graft Cement. The bacteriostatic nature of Augma Bone Graft allows placement of Augma Shield™ for ultimate protection. Placing Augma Shield™ over any other bone graft is not advisable.
  • Every Augma Shield box contains 20 pieces of 15x25mm
How to Apply Augma Shield™
  • The exposed graft should be protected by Augma Shield™.
  • Cut Augma Shield™ to size.
  • Clean surrounding soft tissue with a moist gauze.
  • Place Augma Shield™ above the graft and press firmly for 5 seconds.
  • Secure Augma Shield™ in place with cross mattress sutures. Use as many as required to make sure the Shield is well placed.
  • Exposed graft of more than 3mm should be protected by Augma Shield™.

Bone Graft Cement Protocols Using Augma Shield™

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Augma Shield Application from A-Z